Five Steps to A Healthy Workspace 

Environment is often low on most people’s list of priorities when it comes to well-being, but it is more important than you think as it can have positive or negative effects on your overall health.  

Have you ever looked at your desk in the morning and seen stacks of papers or post-it notes everywhere? What about dirty coffee mugs? Clutter in your workspace can increase stress, elevate anxiety levels and contribute to cluttered thoughts, which may affect motivation and productivity.

 Creating a healthy workspace is not just about throwing away old papers, it’s about making the healthy choice the easy choice by creating a space that will keep you calm and focused throughout the day. 

Try some of these tips to get started: 

  • Reorganize. Start by reorganizing your space by creating a new filing system for paper documents or transferring paper to electronic files. Or try rearranging your office furniture to increase sunlight exposure or decrease distraction. 

  • Clean. Most employees don’t take the time to clean their desk, however those crumbs, dust, and shared supplies in your workspace ca create a hotbed for germs and insects that don’t belong there. Buy some antibacterial wipes to keep in your desk and aim to clean the area once a week. Even better, put a notification on your calendar for the same time each week. It’ll become a habit in no time!

  • Keep (Healthy) Snacks on Hand. Although it may be tempting to keep sweet treats in your office drawer, chocolate will not help with energy or productivity. If you find yourself experiencing the midday slump, keep your desk stocked with nourishing snacks. Try Power Up Trial Mix (found at Costco) or low sugar granola bars (aim for 5 grams or less). Bring in bags of pre-popped popcorn or bring in kernels and air pop them at work for a crunchy and healthy snack. 

  • Make It Your Own. Most companies are open and even encourage employees to make their space their own. Feeling comfortable and inspired in a space will unleash the creative flow. Bring in pictures of loved ones or small plants, hang artwork, or add pops of your favorite color.

  • Create Space to Move. Designate a space or a small corner of your office as your movement space where you can perform simple stretches. Even just using it once a day, have a designated space will remind you to stretch and move when you can. If you have more space available, think about bringing in an exercise ball or a yoga mat. 

Feeling comfortable and calm at work should not be a luxury. With these simple steps, it won’t be. Start with your own workspace and then encourage everyone in your office to reorganize, clean, and make their space their own. 

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Katy Tombaugh