What we fill our minds with is equally as important as what we choose to fill our bodies with. We often only focus on ways to increase our physical well-being, nutrition and exercise and forget that there are other ways to be and live well. 

Today we are constantly inundated with messages and stories from the media, whether it’s from national news organizations like NPR or from local newspaper / news stations. How many of these stories are positive? How many stories highlight kindness and people making a difference in the world? If you answered very few, you’d be right.  Most of the stories we see and hear are negative. They are about crimes, natural disasters, politics, war etc. This may now be our new normal, but by digesting these messages day in and day out, they can wreak havoc on our minds and our bodies. Increased stress and negative moods exacerbate anxiety and depression.

However, media does not necessarily paint the full picture. For example, contrary to news reports, violence has decreased and the quality of life has improved for millions of people. 

One way to combat this negativity is to add good news to your day. As an employer, there are a variety of ways to include good news in the office environment while expending minimal effort. 

  • Begin a tradition of asking staff for one piece of good news in their lives prior to starting meetings.

  • Highlight a staff member that is doing good outside of the work space every month or quarter. 

  • Share a good news story daily or weekly from The Good News Network (link to GNN is a website that only focuses on “good news, good talks, and good gifts”. They focus on inspiring stories around the world, advice to better the mind and well-being of their readers, positive quotes and lists of businesses that give back with every purchase made. 

These small shifts can support an increase in feelings of well-being and contentment which can increase motivation within individuals and benefit companies too!

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Katy Tombaugh