During an average 8-hour workday, how many hours should an employee be sitting down? The answer: two hours! Movement, of any kind, during the workday supports improved focus, productivity, mood and so much more.

Not only does movement improve the physical body and mind, but in a communal space, it promotes collaboration too. There are many ways to encourage movement in your workspace. Start exploring the ideas below and put them into action!

  1. Encourage employees to chat with their co-workers face-to-face, instead of using internal messaging apps. Not only will this increase individual movement, but it will also foster a sense of community within the space.

  2. Add a game table. Think ping pong, air hockey, pool or foosball. All these games build a sense of comradery, involve standing over sitting and support creativity.

  3. Offer your team the opportunity to work at a sit-to-stand desk. This may have the largest impact. Employees can decide when and how long they stand for, which promotes improved posture, increased energy and decreased lower back pain.

  4. Create flexible workspaces. This can be done by rearranging or redecorating underused space(s) in the building. Employees can change their environment from one space to another for a boost of creativity and brief periods of movement.

  5. Implement e-mail alerts throughout the day to encourage employees to take a break. As a bonus, include ideas for desk stretches or exercises that they can engage in.

  6. Bring fitness classes onsite. This allows employees to get in a workout during the day while cutting down on drive time to and from the gym. Again, this also doubles as time for movement and community building.

 These are just a few ideas to get you started. As an employer, there are many opportunities to explore, be creative and think outside of the box. In return for the implementation of these ideas, your employees will be happier, more engaged, more productive and healthier overall.

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 Source: Forbes

Katy Tombaugh