Filling your schedule with meetings, social events, appointments and extracurricular activities seems to be the status quo of living in today’s world. Tightly packed days are often used as an excuse for making exercise the lowest priority. Have you ever heard yourself saying the following?

“There’s no time to go to the gym.” Or…“I don’t want to sweat in my work clothes.”

But who says you must exercise at the gym or sweat a lot to get a good workout? Let’s challenge these beliefs. There are numerous ways to exercise that don’t utilize a gym, or gym clothes, or result in a lot of sweat. These beliefs are only there to do more harm than good. Instead of thinking, “I can’t do that,” try thinking “What can I do?”

 Adding exercise into your day does not have to look one way. For one person, it might look like walking around the office at a set time every day. For someone else, it might be performing desk exercises three times a day. Whatever the movement is, make sure that it’s something you look forward to doing and can do it regularly. Consistency is the key that supports habit creation.

 Below is a list of five exercises that need only a positive mindset, a little space and a few minutes of your time. Try them in the office, at home, at the airport, even while you wait for an appointment. These exercises work large muscle groups (think glutes, quads, core, shoulders and back).

[New to exercise? Reference the modifications.]

Challenge yourself when you can. For example, do 10 calf raises every time you get up for a break. In addition to the modifications, you will also find ideas for progressions and variations under certain exercises. Use these as guide to increase the challenge. Remember that any movement is better than zero movement!


o   Learn the steps to perform a basic squat.

o   Modifications: Perform a shallower squat, use a chair as a guide or decrease repetitions.

o   Progressions: Add weight (if weights aren’t available, try books, canned goods, a laptop or a backpack), increase repetitions or keep arms at your hips.

o   Variations: Move your feet wider for a sumo squat or closer together for a ski squat.


o   Learn the steps to perform a basic lunge.

o   Modifications: Perform a shallower lunge or decrease repetitions.

o   Progressions: Increase repetitions, add weight or raise arms over your head.

o   Variations: Try forward lunges, reverse lunges, lunges alternating forward and backward or lunge with a twist.

 Calf Raises

o   Learn the steps to perform a basic calf raise.

o   Modifications: Use a chair or wall for stability, or decrease repetitions.

o   Progressions: Increase repetitions try a single-leg calf raise, add weight or try not to lean on a chair or wall for stability.


o   Learn the steps to perform a push up or a bent knee push up.

o   Modifications: Decrease repetitions, perform knee push-ups or perform push-ups against a wall.

o   Progressions: Increase repetitions, perform a triceps push-up or perform a push-up with a jack in between.

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Happy exercising! 


Katy Tombaugh